Skin Care
| Beauty in Harmony with Nature

Logona Rose/Aloe Organic Skin Care for dry & sensitive skin. A rich blend of deeply moisturing, healing and soothing botanicals. Mild vegetable oils ease skin tension, increase skin elasticity & provide immediate hydration and tangible textural improvement. This Germany based company uses only certified organically grown ingredients. No synthetic preservatives, colors, or petro-chemical derivatives. No animal testing of its products.

Better Botanicals Skin Care products combine the technology of modern skin care with the holistic wisdom of Ayurvedic herbal care.  These products deliver both beauty and health to your complexion.  Use them to rediscover your skins youthful radiance.

Honeybee Gardens manufactures honest beauty & body care products. Their formulas are pure, simple & effective, relying on the natural properties of the raw materials they select.